How to motivate and inspire your team to reach your goals?

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By Emma

As business owners we often have big goals in place particularly when it comes to reaching financial targets. For you it may mean reaching 6 figures or simply growth on previous years. In order to achieve these goals it’s vital to have your manager and team on board to work together because the truth is your salon can not be successful without them! Below I have put together some tips I have used to motivate and inspire my team to reach salon success.

Share your vision

You likely have a very specific vision for your business, where do you see your salon going in the next 5 years? Perhaps you want to grow into a bigger premise, add new treatments or machinery, and reach a certain financial goal. 

If you don’t share your vision with your team they can not help you in reaching it. Write it down, have a vision board in your staff room for everyone to see. 

If your team feels they are part of the bigger picture and they know how their work can contribute to reaching these goals it can be incredibly inspiring to them. 

Break down your targets

It’s likely that your business goals are big and often a long term game. It’s important to break down these targets into more manageable bite sized pieces so they don’t feel overwhelming to your team. 

Break down goals into weekly, daily and hourly targets. Each staff member should know exactly what her/his target is for the day and be assisted in reaching this. 

I would suggest you delegate this task to your manager. Every morning they can write down the therapist’s target somewhere that is easily accessible, perhaps on their appointment schedule or in the staff room and workshop together on how they can achieve this target. It may mean upgrading or adding on a service or a particular focus on retail. 

Team Meetings

Ensure you are scheduling team meetings at least monthly. These can often be pushed aside to fit in more appointments but I promise you investing in this time will be worthwhile. This may look different for each salon depending on your staff dynamic. 

You might like to have a monthly meeting with your management/ senior staff who then run a smaller team meeting to translate onto the rest of the team. This is a great way to help keep your team focused on the next month but also celebrate the wins from the previous months. 

I strongly believe if you have a management team in place they should be able to understand the financials of the business, do they know what the monthly targets are and are they able to present to you where the salon is currently sitting. It is empowering to managers to know this information and be able to work towards these targets.

Smaller team meetings can then focus on how the salon performed in the previous month and how they can work together to reach the next month’s target. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss new promotions, product launches etc. It doesn’t have to be all business, make it an enjoyable and bonding experience by giving your team a chance to share ideas, gripes or anything on their mind in a safe friendly environment. 


Every salon should have an incentive or commission program in place but another great way to encourage and motivate your team is to run smaller incentives or competitions every month. I encourage you to brainstorm with your team to find out exactly what might motivate them but some ideas could be movie tickets for the most products sold, focusing on a product of the month, prizes for the most up sells in 1 week. These don’t have to be big prizes, bottles of wine, chocolates, coffee vouchers or products! A little healthy competition is a great way to motivate.

I firmly believe that a motivated and inspired team will deliver better customer service, client retention and a higher revenue for your business.

Emma is part of the Beauty Boss VA team and brings with her many years of Beauty Industry and Salon experience. Emma will be guest blogging here over the coming months, to share her experience and views from being a part of the Beauty Industry.

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