My tips for a successful end to this financial year!

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June is here and we are on the count down to the end of the financial year. This time of year can often be seen as hard and I want to help you turn that mindset around and get the most out of the next 30 days. I have created some of my top tips to help you have a successful end to this financial year

Step 1

Check your income! Where is your business currently at for the year and how far are you from reaching your business goals for 2020/2021. It’s vital to your business success to know where you are sitting.

Don’t let this figure overwhelm you, simply break it down. Weekly, daily, hourly targets to make it more achievable.

  • Educate your team on the goal, get everyone involved in reaching this target. How can your team help you, what is your focus for the month to bring in the extra income you need to reach your target. 
  • Visualise it! Write it down, say it out loud, have clear intentions. Don’t underestimate The power of positivity to bring you closer to your goals. I personally love using a planner to visually map out my daily, weekly and monthly targets, this keeps me accountable and inspired. 
  • June is the beginning of winter and the perfect time to create a Winter Promotion. Think all things warming, nourishing, nurturing. Create the ultimate treatment that will make your clients never want to leave your salon and when they leave they will rave about it to all of their friends.
  • Create a winter newsletter and connect with your clients. 

Share winter tips on how to care for your skin or hair, top product recommendations, treatment promotions for example full body exfoliation with warm oil massage, nourishing hair treatment with warm towel wrap. How can you encourage your clients back into the salon for the month of June. 

  • Winter retail focus. June is the perfect month to focus on assessing your clients homecare routines for the winter months ahead. Do they need a nourishing mask or a hydrating serum to keep their skin healthy?

Most importantly stay positive! You can absolutely achieve your goal and end 2020/2021 with a bang! If myself and my team can assist you in any way please reach out, we are here to help you succeed. To view my IGTV on this topic click here

If you'd like to create an ebook for your business, simply click the link below and you'll be on your way to having an ebook for your business. 

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