How to set your salon business up for Success this Christmas

christmas courses marketing tips mindset salon coaching Nov 16, 2020

Yes you can have Christmas Sales Success!

There is no denying that 2020 has been a rollercoaster year for everyone, and hit particularly hard were our friends and colleagues in Victoria.

Christmas is always such a busy time of year for salons, but are you capitilsing on this time of year as much as you can be? Most people would say, no! 

What if I told you that here at The Beauty Boss VA we had the formula to help you bring in 5 or 6 figures in one month this Christmas? It might seem impossible or out of reach, especially with the year that 2020 has been right?

Well, we are here to show you exactly how our head honcho Kara did this in her own salon.

In case you missed it, Kara did a LIVE video over on Instagram and shared her top tips for an Abundant Christmas. You can view the LIVE here.

For 10 years, Kara was a salon owner just like you, and she continuously achieved multiple years of 6 Figure Sales in one Month over the Christmas period. Making up to $50k-$60k in just 2 days. 

We want that same feeling of success for you too! So we are sharing the top tools, tips and unique approach to Christmas marketing, that will aim to create ABUNDANCE for you in your hair or beauty business this Christmas! 

The Beauty Boss VA Christmas Abundance course is a straight forward, no BS mini course to get you taking immediate action in creating strategies that will see Abundance flow in between now and Christmas. 

This incredible course Includes:

  • How to set your intentions and manifest your best Christmas yet! 
  • Key Marketing tools, scripts and strategies
  • How to Prep your team and motivate them to reach their goals
  • How to show appreciation to your clients
  • Strategies for Gift Voucher & Gift Pack Sales
  • How to build Corporate sales

Plus so much more! 

It is not too late to implement our strategies and tactics to make this the best Christmas you have ever had, and make up for lost income and sales due to such an impactful year with Covid.

PLUS JOIN BEFORE 1st DECEMBER and receive our Christmas Abundance Course for only $197!  From the 1st December the Course will go back to its normal price of $247.

If you feel you’re pretty well on top of all of the things you need to be organised and have an EPIC Christmas, but could use a little extra help, we also have our easy to follow, Corporate Gift Guide for Salons. This simple but effective guide, will share with you my step by step approach and template for how I used to drive thousands of dollars worth of corporate gift voucher sales into my salon during the Christmas period.

If you had any further questions regarding the course, you can reach out to Kara at [email protected], and she is only too happy to help to see if the course is a great fit for your business. 

And as always, if you need any assistance with social media, email templates, website updates or any marketing related tasks, we are only too happy to help and be that extra set of hands for you, throughout such a busy period. The Beauty Boss VA has your back. 

Wishing you the most successful Christmas you have had yet, you deserve it! 

If you'd like to create an ebook for your business, simply click the link below and you'll be on your way to having an ebook for your business. 

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