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Spring is here and with it brings warmer weather, longer days and new growth! It’s my favourite time of the year and I always find I have fresh inspiration to bring in this new season. Spring is the perfect time to implement some new promotional ideas to gain clients and fill up your appointment book. Below I have put together a few tips I have implemented in my own salon over the years and I have also included some ideas for those of you who may still be in lockdown. 

If you are a salon owner in lockdown you could offer your clients a spring inspired “at home care box”. For most of you in lockdown it has been a long few months and our clients will be looking for something unique to not only to help maintain their beauty needs at home but also to add some self care to their routine.  I suggest you take a look at your local beauty wholesaler for some unique and affordable homecare options (Barney’s Beauty Supplies has some great products

You could create a box for different needs such as mani, pedi, facials or hair treatments or even create a Spring mystery box for some fun. I encourage you to open this up to your clients for pre order to ensure you cover costs, if you don’t have an online store set up yet you can easily add a PayPal button to your website for safe transactions and payment. 

If you are lucky enough to have your salon doors open to clients it’s a great time to introduce a new promotion, I have listed some ideas below for you.

  • Spring skin boot camp- 3 facials to prep skin for summer.
  • Product and treatment package – SPF and skin peel.
  • Service add ons- eye mask, foot scrub, back scrub.
  • Exfoliating and refreshing scalp treatments
  • Create a sensorial experience for your clients by adding spring aromas to your salon or clinic. Candles, essential oils (lemon, tropical, floral) fresh scented products like moisturisers or hair treatments. 

Now is also a great time to connect with your clients via a newsletter, blog or step out of your comfort zone and do an instagram live! Educate your clients about skin or hair care tips for spring, a few top product recommendations and share your spring promotion.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to move into this fresh season, if you need help to implement some marketing strategies send us an enquiry and our team will be happy to assist. You can also check out our Instagram LIVE here, where I share some more around Spring in your salon.

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