Why Your Salon Needs To Be Releasing Ebooks

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Releasing an Ebook for your hair or beauty salon is a marketing tool that is not to be missed!

It gives you an amazing opportunity to reach potential new clients and offer valuable information with your expert industry knowledge. Whilst they do require more time and research than a blog post they can be hugely beneficial to your business. 


The benefits of creating an Ebook for your hair or beauty business-

  •  Cover a topic in depth- While educational social posts, reels and blogs are an amazing way of sharing information with your clients an Ebook allows you to cover a specific topic in depth. An Ebook is generally 3- 5 pages long and gives you the long form platform to focus on one topic in greater detail. 



  • Show your expert knowledge- By creating an ebook on a hot topic it shows your clients you are an industry expert and helps to build a trusting relationship. Use Ebooks as a way to showcase your incredible wealth of knowledge in your specific field. 




  • Gain marketing information- When offering clients something as valuable as an ebook you can validate asking for something in return, use this as an opportunity to gain clients name and email address before being able to download the ebook.



  • Opportunity to gently sell your product or service- By creating an ebook that is focused on a client concern eg- anti aging it gives you an opportunity to back link to services and products that will treat the concern. 


  • Repurpose the content- Creating an ebook may take more time to research and create however you will be able to repurpose the content into a blog for your website (amazing for SEO!) multiple social media posts and even create a few reels or IGTV on the topic.

When it comes to deciding a topic for your ebook there are endless possibilities, think about the most popular questions you get asked by your clients or common concerns you see. We also love seasonal focused topics for example Summer Skin Tips. If creating an ebook is a project you would love to do but don't have the time to execute, we can help you! Our team can create something custom just for you or you can purchase one of our ebook templates and customise it for your salon. 

If you'd like to create an ebook for your business, simply click the link below and you'll be on your way to having an ebook for your business. 

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